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Welcome to Power Diagnostix Systems GmbH, Aachen, Germany. Power Diagnostix offers instruments for partial discharge (PD) measurement and monitoring (ICM™ Technology), loss factor (LF/DF) measurement devices, fiber optic analog and digital signal transmission systems, high voltage test and control systems and cabinets, plus many other tools for high voltage diagnostic applications. Beside all these special products for quality control and life cycle assessment of insulation materials and components, we provide services, expertise, and training seminars in this special subject.

ICMsystem Generation 5

The ICMsystem is Power Diagnostix high end partial discharge (PD) measurement device, continuously improved and updated since it was introduced early 1993. It offers real time parallel PD recording with AC and DC setups, RIV measurement according to NEMA and CISPR standards, cable fault location (TDR), acoustic PD location, PD pattern analysis, spectrum analysis, a wide range of applicable accessories, and a powerful software tool for advanced analysis and reporting. The field of applications ranges from research on insulation materials, quality control tests, predictive condition based maintenance, up to advanced on-site fault analysis.

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The ICMflex combines partial discharge, loss factor (tan delta) measurement, and PD cable fault location in one unique system. All signals are taken directly on HV potential, transferred via Bluetooth or fiber optic cable to a remote computer. The portable ICMflex system is available from 30kVrms up to 150kVrms for on-site testing, or it can be customized for lab applications even for higher voltage levels. Test frequencies are adjustable from VLF (0.02Hz - 0.5Hz) up to 300Hz. Typical applications are medium voltage class cable testing, or diagnostic insulation tests on rotating machines.

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The GISmonitor is a fully automated continuous online partial discharge (PD) monitoring system for gas insulated switchgear. The scalable architecture allows full parallel partial discharge pattern recording and fault detection on an unlimited number of channels. Partial discharge signals are taken from embedded or external UHF sensors providing a signal bandwidth of up to 1.8GHz. External noise and switching pulses can be separated from internal PD. The system connects to substation monitoring systems via IEC61850 or I/O signal interfaces.

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ICMmonitor CA

New Monitoring Device for Cable Systems - ICMmonitor CA

Power Diagnostix developed the ICMmonitor CA, a new monitoring system for PD detection on power cables offering real-time acquisition of PD signals and peak meter reading on up to six channels in parallel.

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GISmonitor outdoor cabinet

Prequalification for Power Diagnostix with NG/SEC

Power Diagnostix Systems GmbH is now prequalified supplier of National Grid Saudia Arabia (SEC) allowing us to offer and sell the monitoring system of type GISmonitor to the main utility in Saudi Arabia. During the last three years our company underwent the NG prequalification process which testifies that Power Diagnostix' GISmonitor fullfills the requirements and specifications of this utility.

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New extension building

New Extension Building Completed

Steady growth as well as the opportunity to buy additional ground next to the existing building allowed planning of an extension to offer the additional space needed. After having started with the excavation in September 2014, the construction is now completed.

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